The Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (CELTA) course is designed to give you the skills to teach the English language, and is for people with no previous teaching experience.

All of our trainers have worked internationally as teachers, trainers, writers, examiners and educational managers. This gives you direct access to a world of Teachers to English of Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) skills, knowledge and experience. Our trainers understand where you are coming from, and where you are going.

They both satisfy the English language teaching to adults criteria http://www.neas.org.au/teaching/teachers/

CELTA is recognised in and outside Australia. The Certificate IV in TESOL is an Australian qualification. At International House Sydney CELTA is designed for proficient English speakers (CEFR C1+)

Unfortunately VET fee help and HECS are not available for this course.

Training institutes that guarantee jobs are often aligned with a small number of schools in a small number of countries. The CELTA qualification is recognised by employers in Australia and throughout the world as a premium TESOL qualification, allowing you a greater choice of employers and locations than many other qualifications.

We devote an entire session of the CELTA course to helping you find a job, providing advice on how to present your resume and yourself, questions to ask potential employers and contact details of industry bodies, recruitment agencies and employers. As a member of the International House World Organisation, we introduce our graduates to many teaching opportunities within our 160 schools in 52 countries, including Australia. We also email our graduates regularly regarding available teaching positions, and our Facebook page is updated regularly with new job opportunities.

Unfortunately CELTA does not recognise prior experience or qualifications as advance standing. If a Master of Education has TESOL components that fulfil the requirements set out on the website below, technically there is no need to complete CELTA. However the industry does tend to favour CELTA over academic TESOL qualifications, as CELTA is considered more practical. http://www.neas.org.au/teaching/teachers/

The CELTA full time course starts every month and the part time course starts 5 times per year around January, March, May, August and November

The self- study mode allows you to complete the course in 12 weeks. The online component can be done while working  in your own time. The practicum component is 2 weeks via virtual classes.

The part- time and full-time online delivery requires “virtual” face to face commitments, as there are daily input sessions with CELTA tutors on the Zoom platform. The course is not self-paced.

You will get the same qualification as if you had done a traditional face-to-face course. The same qualification highly valued by employers.