Short study holidays at our colleges can be organised all year round, combining English language lessons with daily activities and educational excursions.

  • Most groups prefer a combination of part-time English lessons and half day excursions. We are happy to make recommendations based on our knowledge and experience.
  • Our Student Services Team will organise every component of your program and will assist your group leader in liaising with students, teachers, and accommodation providers to ensure that your students have a great time.
  • Accommodation in local, welcoming and friendly host families.

Our Study Tour Coordinator will organise and look after every component of your programme. They will be available to assist your group leader with the tour, as well as liaise between students, teachers, the group leader and homestay provider, to ensure  that your students have a great time.

Key Features

Study Tours are designed for:

  • Those wanting to combine travel with English lessons.
  • Groups that typically travel during their annual vacation to undertake short term study holidays which combine language lessons with sightseeing and sports activities.

Study Tours Include

  • Flexible Lesson Timetables.
  • Closed Groups if requested.
  • Opal Cards/Travel Tickets.
  • Guided Afternoon Activities.
  • Weekend Trips.
  • Welcome & Farewell Parties.
  • Accommodation with Host Families.
  • Lunches & Snacks and more…


Study Tours are offered at IH Sydney City | IH Bondi | IH Darwin | IH Melbourne | IH Gold Coast | IH Byron Bay | IH Adelaide.