What is the Cambridge Exam Preparation FCE Course?

First Certificate in English FCE, CRICOS course code: 065635E

Cambridge ESOL exams are the world’s leading range of certificates for learners of English. Each year they are taken by over 1.75 million people, in 135 countries and are recognised by universities and employers throughout the world. In early 2013, International House Sydney became the first school to offer FCE and CAE preparation throughout the entire year, with flexible start dates every 4 weeks. Beginning in January 2014, students can also join FCE and CAE in the evenings for 20 hours per week with the same flexibility.

Study Mode

Intensive 23 hrs/wk

Morning Classes Only

IH Sydney City, IH Bondi, IH Melbourne, IH Byron Bay, IH Gold Coast:

M-F 8.00am to 12.15pm

+ 2 days, 1.5 hours each – total 3 hours per week



Semi Intensive 20 hrs/wk

Day OR Evening classes

IH Sydney City, IH Bondi, IH Melbourne, IH Byron Bay, IH Gold Coast:

M-F 8.00am to 12.15pm or

M-F 5.00pm to 9.15pm


Key Features

Key Features

  • Everyday written and spoken English for work or study purposes
  • Comprising of four practical, skills-based papers in: Reading and Use of English (grammar), Writing,  Listening and Speaking
  • Practical, real-life writing tasks including writing business letters and reading authentic texts to build vocabulary
  • Professional interview techniques
  • Exam techniques and independent study skills carefully developed
  • Certificate awarded by Cambridge University

Who is the FCE course designed for?

  • This course is perfect for students that wish to gain an internationally recognised certificate in English from Cambridge University
  • For students seeking to improve examination skills, fluency in pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, writing skills, listening and reading skills
  • Students wanting to prepare for further academic studies in English
  • Career opportunities internationally

Learning Outcomes

  • Get a thorough understanding of the exam content, exam expectations and techniques
  • Be able to express opinions articulately and debate effectively on different topics using appropriate spoken language
  • Be able to write effectively in both formal and informal texts including articles, short stories, reviews and formal letters
  • Increased awareness in word and grammatical forms

More information about Cambridge Exam Preparation FCE

Course Hours and Duration:

  • Intensive course: 23 hours per week
  • Semi Intensive course: 20 hours per week, 5 hours per day, Monday – Thursday (daytime), or 4 hours per day, Monday-Friday (evenings)
  • Course duration is 4 to 12 weeks. 10 weeks January – March.
  • Additional 20 hours per week of independent study is recommended
  • We recommend students take 12 weeks to be well prepared for the exams


  • Regular classroom tests and Cambridge exams
  • Upper Intermediate English level
  • Please book in advance for an intake test and/or a trial lesson
  • Offshore testing available via agent

2022 Start dates

Weeks Start Dates Exam Dates
Module 1,2,3-10 weeks 3 Jan- 11Mar 11 Mar ( paper based)
Module 1- 5 weeks 14 Mar – 14 Apr  12 Apr ( computer based)
Module 2- 4 weeks 19 Apr -13 May 14 May  ( paper based)
Module 3- 5 weeks 16 May- 17 Jun 18 Jun  ( paper based)
Module 1-4 weeks  20 Jun – 15 Jul  28 Jul (paper based)
Module 2-4 weeks  18 Jul- 12 Aug  25 Aug (paper based)
Module 3-4 weeks  15 Aug- 9 Sep  23 Sep  (computer based)
Module 1-4 weeks  12 Sep – 7 Oct  8 Oct (paper based)
Module 2-4 weeks  10 Oct – 4 Nov  5 Nov (paper based)
Module 3-4 weeks  7 Nov – 2 Dec  10 Dec (paper based)


  • The exam will only run with a minimum of 4 students
  • Enrolment closes 6 weeks before the exam date
  • We recommend to take all 12 weeks before the exam


Contact us for our special prices

Please present the following to International House Sydney:

  • Section A of the application form
  • Signed Terms and Conditions and Indemnity and Release forms
  • Placement test determines level on first day of the course

If you do not have an official English level test score:                                                                                                                                                                                                                              You

You will be required to take our in-school English level test, available every Wednesday at 2:45pm at Level 1, 203 Clarence Street, Sydney.  Other days and times can also be arranged, at your request.

You will also need to provide:

  • Section A of the application form
  • Signed Terms and Conditions and Indemnity and Release forms

If you are applying from outside Sydney, please complete the following:

  • Section A of the application form
  • Section B of the application form – assessment questions 2 & 3
  • Signed Terms and Conditions and Indemnity and Release forms
  • Students will also be required to complete a short telephone, skype or in-person placement test.