High School Preparation program Cricos Code: 102258C


Our High School Preparation program is a specialised English course which teaches the language and study skills necessary for high school entry.

Students develop the English skills and knowledge required for successful participation in Australian school settings, including some subject-specific content that will enable them to follow the key learning areas, and a focus on communication for personal interaction in and out of class.

English fluency is the best tool to build your child’s future in Australia’s excellent primary and secondary school. Take advantage of our expertise and give your child the best start possible.


Ace Colhoun/ Director of Studies, Junior Programs


Study Mode

25hrs per week

Monday to Friday 9am to 3pm

(25 hours per week for most weeks, and 20 hours per week for one week of each month, since one day per month is allocated as a student free day, when students are not required to attend school.)



IH Sydney City | IH Melbourne

Key Features


  • Pre Testing
  • Student attendance monitored 3 times daily. Homework Diary informs parents/guardian about homework and learning content, assists communication between parents/guardians and teachers
  • A structured program with a different focus and interesting topics each month
  • Comprehensive written reports sent to families, agents and schools every month
  • A Personal Development class once a month to encourage students to take responsibility for their learning and to allow discussion of the intercultural and developmental issues they face



Study Options

  • Flexible Study Period. Study from 1 to 52 weeks
  • Start your study program almost any Monday of the year!



Future Academic Studies

  • Course designed for 12 to 17 years old
  • Move on to study at one of Sydney’s prestigious private schools

More information about High School Preparation Program Sydney

Our High School Preparation course is an integrated skills-based program that focuses on language learning and practice, along with the relevant study skills and strategies.

The syllabus is divided into monthly programs, within which new units of work are undertaken each week. Units of work revolve around multidisciplinary themes, such as media studies, government and Australian history and culture. A specialist Maths teacher also takes classes in Maths and Science to ensure students are familiar with the language and practices expected in these subjects.

Students in our High School Preparation study from level and age-appropriate textbooks, as well as a variety of stimulating resources, such as readers, print media, CDs, film clips and field trips

Each Friday afternoon students participate in sport.

At least two excursions or events are organized for all students every month. Every four weeks there is a monthly test and for all High School Preparation students there is no class on the following Monday. On this day teachers review students’ progress, prepare reports and develop programs for the following month.


The diary serves many purposes, including:

  • Recording homework
  • Organising learning and completion of tasks
  • Providing guardians with information about is being studied in class
  • Assisting communication between parent/guardian and teacher


Comprehensive reports are generated each month, following final assessment. They refer to 3 skills areas: Oral Interaction, Reading & Responding and Writing, and are distributed to students and guardians, as well as to agents and destination schools.