Live the language to learn the language.

International House Sydney, in partnership with MILC, offers a safe and supported live-in study environment that will guide students into Australia’s most prestigious secondary schools. This new pathway program combines our proven school preparation program with small classes in a purpose-built boarding school in Brighton, on the coast, just 12km from the Melbourne CBD.

But it’s more than a fast-track into the Australian community and education system. It’s a way of creating global citizens.

English fluency is the best tool to build your child’s future in Australia’s excellent primary and secondary school. Take advantage of our expertise and give your child the best start possible.


Ace Colhoun/ Director of Studies, Junior Programs



Key Features

Program Outline

The curriculum embraces the English language in the Australian context. Study revolves around multidisciplinary themes, with different topics each month, including:

  • Sports
  • Environmental issues
  • Indigenous Australia
  • Media studies
  • Beach and sun safety
  • Diversity

STEM in English

A specialist Mathematics teacher also takes classes in Maths and Science to ensure students are familiar with the language and practices expected in these subjects.

Special Focuses

  • Oral interaction
  • Reading and responding
  • Writing

More Program Details


  • Pre-Testing included to ensure each student has a program tailored to their level and school requirements.

Reports and monitoring

  • Student attendance monitored three times a day.
  • Comprehensive monthly reports sent to families, agents and schools. Teachers review students’ progress, prepare reports and develop programs for the following month.
  • Homework Diary informs parents/guardian about homework and learning content, and assists communication with schools.
  • Victoria continuum pathway level C.

Pathways to the Future

This program is designed for international students from 12 to 17 years old. It is directly linked so students can move on to study at one of Victoria’s prestigious private schools.

Students develop the English skills and knowledge required for successful participation in Australian school settings, including some subject-specific content that will enable them to follow the key learning areas, and a focus on communication for personal interaction in and out of class.

MILC was created for international students on a base of pastoral care in a safe, supported environment.

  • Overcome language and cultural barriers
  • Gain international understanding
  • Develop cross-cultural learning ability


More information about High School Preparation Program Melbourne

Melbourne Intercultural Learning Centre (MILC) is a purpose-built, premium boarding learning centre. The experts in hosting international students offer unique programs designed by AEF at the University of Melbourne.

There are classrooms, a theatre, and boardrooms, as well as a big cafeteria with a commercial kitchen.

Lots of open space makes it a perfect environment for students to immerse themselves in their academic and cultural studies.

MILC places a balanced focus on welfare and wellbeing for a healthy environment for all students and participating teachers. Daily routines ensure the whole cohort looks after each other, the facility, and fosters relationships with the local community.

Culture is a strong part of people’s lives. It influences their views, their values, their humor, their hopes, their loyalties, and their worries and fears. We believe that a high level of intercultural understanding can greatly enhance the effectiveness of overseas study, helping students quickly build friendships, self-confidence, and gain a sense of belonging

Roger Shen /Founder and director of MILC.


Students are in a safe and supervised learning environment.

  • 24-hour pastoral care with professional caring staff on site.
  • Dedicated direct contact with parents via email, phone and wechat.
  • Bilingual service (English/Chinese) to help students settle into their new environment.
  • Meals – 3 meals are supplied daily.
  • Students have access to safe and unlimited internet.
  • Planned activities afterschool and at night.
  • Extra optional after school programs (intercultural program, tutoring)



When students finish this course, they will be confident with English and ready to enrich any classroom environment.