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Welcome and Orientation

The formal group welcome and orientation can be held either on the day of arrival in Sydney or on the first day of study. During the orientation, students are introduced to the staff, shown around the college and given information on the following topics:

  • Catching public transport
  • Using the telephone
  • Reading street maps
  • Living in homestay
  • Being a careful tourist
  • Emergency information

Students are then taken on a walking tour of the City so as to become familiar with the local area. Afterwards, students are given an International House Sydney folder and course ma­terial to get them started.


Our homestays are all conveniently located within easy access of the college. The average travelling time is 30- 40 minutes between the homestay and college, with a maximum of 45 minutes. We endeavour to find the best accommodation for our students as close to the college as possible. Our Accommodation Officer carefully selects Australian families that meet our high standards.

In homestay, students have the opportunity to practice  English in everyday situations and develop their language skills. All our families have experience with hosting international visitors and work closely with the college to make their stay an enjoyable experience.

We offer shared or single rooms. Shared rooms will have twin beds with 2 students from your group sharing the same (single sex) room. Laundry facilities, breakfast and evening meal during the week, and lunch on the weekend (if the student is at home) are included. Single room is available to students over 14 years.

While students are normally expected to make their own way to school, the host family will provide information about transport to the college and show them the way. Homestays can drop students off at school and pick them up daily at an additional charge.

Alternative types of accommodation are available in and around Sydney upon request.

English Lessons

Students joining our General English classes are placed into mixed nationality classes according to their English level and follow the curriculum of General English. Alternatively your students can be taught in a closed class following their preferred Study Tour curriculum.

A special course has been developed for closed classes, which focusses on practice in speaking and listening in a fun learning environment. All lesson content is related to activities and the language students may require while in Australia. Students have plenty of opportunities to practice their English, and are encouraged to integrate with other students of all nationalities within the college.

Certificate of Attainment

All students are awarded a Certificate of Attainment stating the duration of study and level attained. Refreshments can be provided at the Graduation Ceremony.

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