Test Your English

Test Your English

1. A: (...) bag is that? It’s nice! B: Thanks! It’s mine.

2. A: What’s the purpose of your visit? B: I’m visiting (...) sister in Sydney!

3. (...) have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

4. Generally, Australians are the kind of people (...) can laugh at themselves.

5. A: How was IH Sydney? B: Perfect! I enjoyed (...) people from all over the world!

6. I called you last night. Where (...) you?

7. A: Did you see what your teacher was wearing? B: I know! Apparently it was (...) his mum!

8. A: You look sad. Are you ok? B: Yeah I know. I find (...) difficult to say goodbye.

9. A: How’s the presentation going? B: We’re still (...) it!

10. A: I’m worried about my English… B: You need to find (...)!

11. Could you (...) on what you said? What are the (...) of studying at IH, exactly?

12. So your assessment result is out! You can move up to the CAE class without (...) your GE course.

13. A: We’re focusing on (...) ties with the student community. B: What was the (...) behind that decision?

14. A: Who are (...) people over there? B: Oh, they’re my classmates!

15. This is (...) summer in Sydney in a decade!

16. In the (...) stages of your stay, you might feel a little homesick, but you will be fine in a while.

17. The problem with the computers (...) been fixed.

18. I have always (...) you as my friend.

19. There are two languages spoken in this area. One is Cantonese and (...) is English.

20. The speech tomorrow will be (...) multiculturalism.