IH Elicos Journey

Your journey starts before you arrive!.

We are excited to announce a new vision for English Language Teaching at IH Sydney Training Services. We look forward to welcoming students back with an enhanced and innovative course structure that promises to boost and enliven their learning with the best this world has to offer. Your journey starts before your arrival! We are now able to extend our hands across the oceans to welcome you, as soon as you enrol and do your English placement test:


Access Digital Student Leaning Portal-GEL

Get a sneak-peek of your class.

Pre-arrival short courses

Useful language courses before you arrive in Australia. Beginners, Speaking & Pronunciation for intermediate and Exam Preparation for Advanced.

“Ready & Steady”

Meet your future classmates and teachers before arrival by joining your future class online once per week, three weeks before commencement.


We are going VR!

Use VR technology for in-class activities, interacting with your classmates and other real-life online speakers in 3D virtual environments; learn with educationally valuable apps as you explore virtual cities, interact in role-plays, or develop your vocabulary, and more! All students will have VR integrated into their learning a minimum of once every 2 weeks; some classes may experience this every week.

Your Classroom is now global!

Connect with students in other campuses and from International House World Organisation schools around the world. During regular in-class activities. Study with different teachers and learners within your campus, once per week on My Focus Friday.

Your English journey!

Complete a variety of independent tasks to add to your digital Student Portfolio, allowing you to progress at your own pace. Spend one hour everyday working on individual, pair and group tasks; 1:1 teacher coaching every week to track your journey; complete record of your learning and teacher feedback on our digital platform. With a combination of tests and tasks, you will now have opportunities for promotion every 4 weeks.

We offer a suite of ELICOS courses across our 6 campuses, including Cambridge Exam Preparation, General English, English Plus and English for Healthcare Professionals.

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