What is the Speaking & Pronunciation Course?

This course focuses on pronunciation and fluency. You will work on problematic sounds specific to your nationality, including intonation and stress, to sound much more natural. You will also gain more fluency with vocabulary and listening through fun activities like facial yoga, miming and role-plays.

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Study Mode

Semi Intensive day course: 20 hours per week

IH Sydney City, IH Bondi, IH Darwin, IH Melbourne:

M-F 8.00am to 12.15pm





Key Features

Key Features

  • Small groups – typical class size is 8-12 students
  • Fun and energetic
  • Focusing on the physical aspects of language – daily face yoga exercises to decrease your accent and improve the way you speak English
  • Improved confidence – many people have excellent reading, writing and listening skills but lack the confidence to use the language, which is important for real-world everyday survival

Who is the Speaking and Pronunciation course designed for?

  • Those wanting to improve on specific pronunciation problems
  • Students wanting to increase their spoken accuracy and fluency
  • Students with an intermediate level or above
  • Students seeking more confidence in using spoken English

Learning Outcomes

  • More accurate use of the face and tongue to produce English sounds
  • Natural English rhythm and intonation
  • Increased confidence in speaking about everyday topics
  • Better listening skills

More information about Speaking & Pronunciation

Currently the course follows a 12 week cycle. Each week focuses on a different theme. Each week is designed to be practical, so that students can start using what they have learnt in class, in the real world:

Week 1: Emotions and feelings

Week 2: Restaurants and food

Week 3: Complaints and how to complain

Week 4: Telephone conversations

Week 5: Relationships and romance

Week 6: Crime

Week 7: Health and medicine

Week 8: Money and shopping

Week 9: Hotels and travel

Week 10: Share accommodation and flatmates

Week 11: Hobbies and sports

Week 12: Jobs and interviews


Each week students are given a small monologue, which focuses on the sounds of that week. They will initially work on the monologue in class, and then they need to take it home, practise it, record it and send it to the teacher by email.

The teacher will then give each student personalised feedback on what sounds they need to correct, as well as how to fix problems with stress, intonation and rhythm.

For Students of Intermediate Level and Above:

  • Students of the above levels are able to take the Speaking and Pronunciation Course as a Semi-Intensive course for 2 – 12 weeks, 20 hours per week, Monday – Thursday, 8:15am– 1:45pm.

Students of the lower levels can attend our Friday elective Pronunciation Class to improve their speaking abilities.

This class is included in the Intensive General English course or can be booked for an additional $50 per class. The curriculum is set for 12 weeks.


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Please send the following to register for the in-school English level test:

  • Section A of the application form
  • Signed Terms and Conditions and Indemnity and Release forms

Outside Sydney if applying from interstate or overseas, complete:

  • Sections A of the application form
  • Signed Terms and Conditions and Indemnity and Release forms
  • Students will also complete a short telephone speaking test (5 minutes)