EHP (English for Health Professionals) is designed for both the Australian medical profession and the occupations and aspirations of our students. Made up of materials from tried and tested course books and real-world documents, it aims to equip students with the English they need to communicate professionally and confidently with colleagues, supervisors and patients.

Previous EHP students have included doctors, dentists, nurses, midwives, veterinary surgeons, paramedics, pharmacists, physiotherapists, nutritionists, psychologists and clinical engineers.


Study Mode


Morning Class 20 hours per week

Monday – Thursday General English. Friday – My Focus

Afternoon Class 3 hours per week

Monday & Wednesday


Start Date & Location

Intake: Every Monday (Except public holiday and Christmas holiday)

Location: Sydney City

Key Features

Topics Covered

  • Medical team members – duties, specialties and experiences
  • Medications – types, doses, side-effects, contraindications, concordance
  • Procedures – medical, surgical and administrative in both pro-to-pro and pro-to-patient contexts
  • Consultations – gathering and giving information, explaining diagnoses and treatments
  • Inclusion – cultural and social diversity in the workplace
  • Soft skills – conveying empathy, dealing with difficult patients, giving bad news
  • The Professional World – diverse approaches to health care around the world
  • Register – focus on the type of language, vocabulary, intonation and levels of formality needed in a range of professional situations
  • Working as part of a team – collaborative and communicative lessons, projects and presentations build confidence in your professional relationships

Language Skills

  • Vocabulary – broaden your knowledge of medical English with a firm focus on pronunciation
  • Speaking – class discussions, presentations and role playing real-world situations allows you to build confidence using in your language skills
  • Reading – broaden your knowledge and understanding with course materials and authentic professional documents
  • Writing – case notes, essays, memos, messages and referral letters
  • Listening – dialogues, consultations, handovers and talks – experience a diverse range of voices, accents and perspectives
  • Functional Language – appropriate ways to communicate in a range of professional situations from delivering bad news to networking at a conference
  • Grammar – Our teachers explore, correct and extend grammatical forms and functions as an integral part of communication during the lessons


Entry level : Intermediate

  • Minimum booking: 2 weeks
  • Maximum booking: 24 weeks

More information about English for Health Professionals

GE + EHP => EAP/IELTS => VET or Uni to further in your profession

Our pathway list for Health care:

  • TAFE NSW International
  • Torrens University
  • University of Wollongong
  • Southern Cross University
  • Charles Sturt University
  • Kirana College (Aged care)
  • Linx Institute (Aged care)
  • Charlton Brown (Aged care)

Current students who enrolled GE intensive can move to EHP class with NO extra fee.

Semi-Intensive students, will need to pay the difference between Semi-Intensive price and Intensive.