Academic Pathways

International House Sydney has ELICOS pathways to some VET and University partners, as well as VET articulations and credit transfer recognition with University providers.

Below is our procedure to receive package offers from International House Sydney:

  1. Apply for your English language course at International House Sydney. Tell us in your correspondence that you are packaging this English course with a VET or University programme. We will send you the English language offer letter and invoices
  2. Apply for your VET or University/Higher Education programme with the selected provider. When sending them their application, make sure to include a copy of the offer letter received from International House Sydney
  3. Conditional offer letter will be issued by the VET or University provider
  4. Make a payment to International House Sydney and receive our ELICOS CoE
  5. Make a payment to the VET or University provider. They will tell you the amount required for deposit. This amount varies by school. The provider will then issue Conditional CoE and with a comment on the CoE notifying Immigration that the student is doing their ELICOS with International House Sydney