International House Sydney


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(+61 2) 9279 0733



(+61 2) 9279 4544


Teacher employment


Level 1, 203 Clarence Street, Sydney
NSW 2000, Australia

Postal Address

PO Box Q895, QVB Post Office
NSW 1230, Australia

Opening Hours

Centre hours are from 8.30 am
to 6.00pm Monday to Friday
(We are closed on public holidays)

2020 Public Holidays

IH Sydney City & IH Bondi: 01/01, 27/01, 10/04, 13/04, 27/04, 08/06, 03/08, 05/10, 25/12, 28/12

IH Darwin: 01/01, 27/01, 10/04, 13/04, 27/04, 04/05, 08/06, 03/08, 25/12, 28/12

IH Melbourne: 01/01, 27/01, 09/03, 10/04, 13/04, 27/04, 08/06, 03/11, 25/12, 28/12

Xmas 25/12/2020 – 01/01/2021

IH reopens 04/01/2021

Key Contacts

To get to know who we are better, here are some of the administration team at International House Sydney:

Tim Eckenfels

Executive Director

Kay Wong

Admissions and Student Services Director

Fernando Passarelli

General Manager

Julie Bae

Director of Accounting

Yu Kuriki

Education Department Director

Prescilla Woodley-Laigle

Director, Business College at IH

Elicos and Teacher Training Directors

Aaron Clarke

Director of Studies Sydney

Edward Woodhams

Director of Studies Bondi

Kevin Birkhahn

Director of Studies Melbourne

Moe Pourkarim

Director of Studies Darwin

Student Services & Admissions 

Katerina Cieslarova

Student Services Manager

Ezequiel Diaz

Student Services Officer Sydney City

Ami Saito

Student Services Officer Sydney City

Victoria Bravo

Student Services Team Leader Melbourne

Oliver Mata

Student Services Officer Melbourne

Smirna Romero

Student Services Officer Melbourne

Keiko Nakano

Student Services Officer Melbourne

Natalia Munoz

Student Services Officer Darwin

Shannon Alpi

Student Services Officer Darwin

Almudena Zulueta

Admissions Officer

Tomas Zamborsky

Admissions Officer

Julio Olivos

Admissions Officer

Monica Salinas

Admissions Officer

Jill Woodfield

Admissions Officer

Market Representatives

Veronica Brutarova

Marketing Manager- EMEA

Nao Sugiura

Marketing Manager- Asia

Ravel Tavares

Marketing Manager-EMEA

Mayumi Taniguchi

Marketing Manager-Asia

David Molina

Marketing Manager- Melbourne

Diogo Scherer

Marketing Manager- LATAM

Margaret Ferrante

Business Development Manager

David Diaz

Marketing & Communications Manager

Dayana Kostiuc

Marketing Manager-LATAM

Lucy Gardner

Manager, Digital Marketing

Natasha Serna

Manager, Digital Marketing

Veronika Stachova

Marketing Coordinator

Darya Miroshnikova

Coordinator, Digital Marketing

Teacher Training- CELTA, TESOL, English Teaching for Younger Learners and J-Shine Trainers


Senior trainer and assessor (CELTA and TESOL)


Senior trainer and assessor (CELTA and TESOL)


Senior trainer and assessor (CELTA and TESOL)

Learn English- General English, Cambridge FCE/CAE, IELTS Academic Preparation (EAP), English for Teens, Speaking and Pronunciation Teachers

Inna Walsh

Head Teacher Bondi

Eduardo Rossi

Head Teacher Sydney

Luisa Nicolosi

Head Teacher Sydney

ihBC Education Department

Tony Rahal

Head Teacher Sydney & Bondi

Jeff De Jager

Head Teacher Darwin

Zak Zreikat

Head Teacher Melbourne